Trials and Tribulations

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The inhabitant of Kovis V are struck by sudden and unexplained tremors. The USS Horatio Nelson has been dispatched by Far Point Fleet to render aid and, if possible, acquire an ally.

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Starbase 25 has been dormant for the last 10 years due to a nearby star going Supernova, and the relative radiation levels making the seat of Far Point Fleet uninhabitable for most of that time. Since then, the Starbase has become a hive of alien monsters, and ne'er do wells. The USS Horatio Nelson has been sent by Starfleet Command to retake Starbase 25, and reestablish Far Point Fleet in that area of the quadrant.

Home is Where the Danger Is

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Now that the Horatio Nelson has retaken Starbase 25 from the consortium of Orions, Ferengi and other Neer do wells, it's time to start securing the base in earnest. Building alliances, establishing order, and bringing in Federation civilians will be the first of their tasks.