Name Graven

Position Agent

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Borellian

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 110
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Short weasel of a man.
He has an aire of death about him.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Graven is a sociopath.
He is completely committed to John Sunfeather and would sacrifice anything and anyone to protect his master.
Ambitions none

Personal History Sunfeather found Graven under a pile of bodies on the floor of a tavern on a seedy little planet in sector 31. Apparently the people he was gambling with didn't like the fact that he was winning and decided that he must be cheating. He was smiling the whole time with that feral little smile of his and was doing a fair job of holding his own until the authorities arrived and arrested the whole lot of them. He took a liking to the fellow, bailed him out, spent an evening chatting with him and by the next morning Graven had talked John into offering him a job as his chief aide.
Graven's been with Sunfeather about 10 years now and has shown himself to be invaluable.
Service Record Pirate, Scoundrel, Brigand, Murderer and all around nice guy for over 20 years
Came into Ambassador Sunfeathers service as a special envoy to the Olek Embassy.
With Sunfeathers reinstatement to Starfleet and transfer to Intelligence, he is now the head of Sunfeathers intelligence network.

Currently lives and works off of the SS Atsiniltish Bika.


Carousing 70
Combat, Close 70
Combat, Ranged 40
Computers 20
Diplomacy 60
Intelligence 90
Security 70
Subterfuge 90
Survival 60