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Lieutenant Drezeka Meila

Name Drezeka Meila PhD

Position Chief Councellor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 180
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description General friendly feeling, walks with confidence. Slightly pale skin with the occasional freckle. Hourglass shaped body with longish legs.


Spouse Drezeka Bain (Deceased, 1st Dominion War)
Children Drezeka Kor, 11 years old (M) (Deceased, Dominion Bio-Weapon: Black Death)
Drezeka Morana, 7 years old (F) (Deceased, Dominion Bio-Weapon: Black Death)
Father Drezeka Kor (Deceased, Cardassian Occupation)
Mother Drezeka Sudea (Deceased, Cardassian Occupation)
Brother(s) Drezeka Banta (Deceased, Dominion Bio-Weapon: Black Death)
Other Family Cousin: Teggo Tillin, 18 (M)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Maintains a happier attitude than to be expected. Loves meeting people, hates saying goodbye. Friendly and competitive. Deeply religious, heavily reinforced by experiencing an orb of the prophets, the Orb of Wisdom. Loves playing games and uses them as a tool in counseling. Always ready to try new things. She is always reading people, mostly out of curiosity. Cannot get enough Jumja sticks. Although very excitable, she is professional.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Master at gambling and gaming, marksman, good with people and making friends, physically fit, can read people pretty well, forgiving (except for the dominion, specifically Jem Hadar), Can resist torture

Weaknesses: Insomnia due to nightmares, has a hard time with violence but can respond and be proficient when it is happening, dislike guns/phasers, hates spiders, extremely sensitive to synthehol (for me it's the same as drinking alchohol), vengeful against the Dominion for killing my family, Small bias against any Cardassian I don't know, terrible at flying ships
Ambitions Help people.
Meet new cultures.
Avenge my children.
Meet the Emissary. (Success!)
Hobbies & Interests Religion/ The Prophets
All things Holodeck, and I especially like Dr. Julian Bashir's programs

Personal History I was born into the Cardassian occupation. Life was hard but I pushed through, working for those damned Cardassians until I was old enough to join the resistance force. They taught me how to fight with a gun and how to defend myself when I was brawling with anyone trying to hurt me. I was the best sharpshooter they had ever seen, I could hit anything.
But the main thing I did was act as moral support and help people work through their issues. Later in the occupation Cardassians tortured and killed my parents. It was devastating, but it fuled my rage and helped me to keep fighting. At one point during the occupation I was captured by the Cardassians and tortured. They got nothing out of me, all they did was give me a resilience at resisting torture.

I joined Starfleet after the occupation and was active in supporting Bajor joining the Federation.

I began to meet Cardassians and realized they aren't all monsters. I have forgiven them as a people for the occupation.
I was an assistant Counselor during the first war. One day, my transport ship was attacked on route to offer medical assistance to the front line, and my husband was killed in the attack.

After the first war I worked on DS9 for a while. While on DS9 I had the opportunity to expand my faith, being so close to the Emmisarry and the Celestial temple. At one point, in a time of grief and confusion, the Kai allowed me to experience the orb of wisdom.

Returned to Earth afterwards.

My children were staying with my brother when the bio-weapon hit Bajor, they all died.
Service Record Bajoran Medical

Starfleet Medical, Earth

DS9, counselor


Administration 5
Carousing 5
Combat, Close 20
Combat, Ranged 40
Communications 5
Computers 40
Damage Control 10
Diplomacy 5
Engineering 10
Language 35
Medical 40
Medical,Psychology 70
Science, Life 40
Science, Physical 10
Science, Planetary 10
Science, Social 20
Science, Space 10
Starship Sensors 10
Subterfuge 10
Survival 20
Trivia 5