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Lieutenant Caleb Tanner

Name Caleb Tobias Tanner

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 55

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 168
Hair Color Brown, graying
Eye Color Light Brown
Physical Description Caucasian with no visible identifying marks.


Spouse Jasmyn 'Jaz' Kent Tanner
Children Ayrella Maria Tanner
Tobias William Tanner

Father William 'Bill' Tanner (deceased)
Mother Marian Tanner (deceased)
Brother(s) Identical Twin: Jason William Tanner (MIA)

Other Family Father-in-law: Phillip Kent
Mother-in-law: Mariah Kent

Personality & Traits

General Overview Personality:
He's a good listener and has a high regard of people in general, insisting on humane treatment of intelligent beings. Can be very blunt about his opinion, and cares little of offending people if he's standing up for what's right. Values and extenuating circumstances take precedence over policy. He has a good sense of humor.

He relies more heavily on gut feelings than on past experience, and likes to try and figure things out for himself rather than asking for help. He manages to roll with the punches, and live life in the moment by adapting to situations as they pop up.

Counselor Notes:
Has a disregard for some higher authorities, with an attitude that they must earn his respect. This has been the basis for his fluctuation in rank, having clashed with several commanding officers in the past. Takes order's well when he respects the authority, but doesn't like to be told how to go about it. Infuriatingly tends to act dumber than he is.

On occasions he can be hostile towards others, but generally takes other people’s feeling into account. Has an incorrigible belief in a higher power and has been known to risk his life for others.

Out of Character Notes:
Tanner can be played as a mix between Jack O'Neill of Stargate SG-1 and Jeff Blue in "Undercover Blues." He's a responsible adult, but can act rather immature at times. Very smart mouthed which can get the best of him. Very observant when it comes to his surroundings. Has a very slight southern drawl which he can thicken when he wants to lay down the charm.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths/Talents/Skills:
Excellent Marksmanship


Ambitions To be the best father possible to his daughter and son.
To serve a higher cause to the best of his ability.

Hobbies & Interests Collecting Antique Guns
Target Shooting

Personal History Caleb Tanner grew up in Texas and lived a normal life on his father's horse ranch. He joined the Texas National Guard at 17 and developed a taste for military life. He then applied to become a Marine. As a MACO he was recruited into more Black Ops then he cares to admit. His career has never been a steady course having been promoted and demoted many times.

He met Jasmyn Kent, when they were assigned as partners on a joint operation between the Marine's and Federation Intelligence. They were married soon after the mission was over. A year later, Caleb was ordered to a Marine deployment which would be a year long. Jasmyn decided to also take a Federation undercover operation her father, Phillip Kent, had asked her to do. It would also be for one year. She felt it would keep her busy, and make the time pass faster then staying home waiting for his return. However, Jasmyn's operation lasted eight year, and Federation Intelligence wouldn't give him any information on her whereabouts, or anything about her status.

Not knowing what else to do he transferred to Starfleet and became an Intelligence Officer. He worked his way up to becoming the Executive Officer aboard the USS Washington. What he didn't know was that he was in for a big surprise when he returned home to Earth for the first time in eight years. When he ran into his in-laws, Mariah Kent informed him that he had a child. His wife had never told him that she was pregnant before they had separated for their respected missions. She had given birth to a daughter which she named Ayrella. To keep her safe she sent Ayrel back to her parents on Earth. He had missed the first seven years of her life and has been doing his best to make up for it.

After being reunited with his wife and daughter he took a sabbatical from Starfleet for family time. They went back to Earth and Caleb began helping his aging parent with the family horse ranch. A year later his son Tobias was born and he has taken great joy in continuing to raise both his children. When his parents passed away he felt he needed to return to space, so he left his ranch in a capable ranch hands care and joined Starfleet once again.

So when a friend, Admiral MacGyver, asked him as a personal favor to help her friends Admiral Mirtoh and Captain J'Dem to reestablish Starbase 25 and bring stability back to that sector of space, he didn't refuse. He is now stationed on the USS Horatio Nelson as their Intelligence Officer.

Service Record - Served in the Texas National Guard
- Graduated as a MACO
- MACO (During this time he served in various black op missions)
- Starfleet Academy for some cross training
- USS Alliance: Marine squardron 3 leader
- Joined Starfleet
- USS Washington - Intelligence Officer
- USS Washington - Executive Officer
- 10 year sabbatical.
- USS Horation Nelson - Intelligence Officer


Administration 40
Combat, Close 50
Combat, Ranged 60
Computers 35
Damage Control 10
Intelligence 60
Language 15
Leadership 20
Medical 10
Medical,Psychology 10
Physical Fitness 30
Science, Life 10
Science, Physical 10
Science, Planetary 10
Science, Social 10
Science, Space 10
Security 10
Shuttle Pilot 20
Starship Sensors 10
Subterfuge 20