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Lieutenant JG Karina Riley

Name Karina Riley

Position Councellor

Second Position Surgeon

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 115 lbs
Hair Color red
Eye Color green
Physical Description Karina Riley, like most Orion women, is very attractive, with a curvy figure in all the right places.


Spouse Lieutenant Dylan Riley
Children Henry "Hank" Riley, Adopted Bajoran male, age 2
Father Commander (Dr.) Evan Carlson, Starfleet Medical
Mother Jennifer Carlson
Brother(s) unknown
Sister(s) Dr. Anna Carlson, Doctor of Veterinary Science, Haskins' World.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Karina is a well rounded officer, being double board certified in Psychiatry and Neurosurgery. She is highly intelligent, and tends to beat herself up when she makes a mistake. Her primary focus is psychiatry, which she chose after she did her surgical residency.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Highly skilled in both psychiatry and surgery, though she only will perform surgeries on an emergency basis.
+Very attached to her husband and adores her son
+Skilled in martial arts, trained by her husband
-Tends to be hard on herself when she fails
-Can become too attached to her patients
Ambitions To raise her son and be a good mother, like the adopted parents that raised her.
To one day become Chief Medical Officer aboard a starship
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts (Trains with her husband)
Linguistics (Speaks four languages)
Reads medical journals like they're novels.

Personal History Karina was found on an abandoned Orion marauder just outside Federation space by the USS Argo, a Starfleet science vessel. The vessel's Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Commander Evan Carlson, took her into his home and he and his wife raised her. Like her adopted father, she decided at an early age to pursue medicine as a calling, and she was accepted into Starfleet Medical Academy in San Francisco. Upon graduation, she was accepted into the Surgical Fellowship at the Starfleet Medical Complex on Larris II. She excelled at General Surgery, but decided to pursue Neurosurgery. It was during this assignment that she met her husband, and the two saw a lot of each other.

After her surgical residency was complete, she found herself getting bored, and started to spend time with her councilor colleagues on Larris II. She was intrigued, and so she began studying, and was accepted into the Psychiatric Studies Fellowship at the same facility, and completed her residency within two years. She reclassified into a councilor, although she maintains her Neursurgeon's qualifications in order to better serve Starfleet.

After four years on Larris II, she was assigned to the USS Leyte Gulf, a New Orleans class Marine transport, as a councilor, and spent time speaking to both ship's crew and the Marines aboard. Here she reconnected with her husband, and the two were married after a year. When the Leyte Gulf was sent on an emergency relief mission to Bajor, the couple saw that many Bajoran children were orphaned with no one to care for them, and they adopted a Bajoran infant. They named him Henry after her father in law, and call him Hank like they call him. (When they visit the Colonel, they're Big Hank and Hank the Second)

Like all Orion females, Karina emits a pheremone that enables her to manipulate men. She takes a pheremone blocker every day to subdue this ability. She also goes into the Kahling, the Orion mating drive, once a year. (She is unable to control her urges, and will mate with any male she sees. During this time, she has to take time off from her work and quarantine herself in her quarters to keep herself away from the rest of her crew. ) This lasts about a week, and after this she is able to return to duty.