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Lieutenant Iris Macoy

Name Iris Macoy

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian/Betazoid mix
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 165
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Midnight Blue
Physical Description Iris Macoy is slender and flexible, which she uses to climb in and around the jefferies tubes. Her midnight blue eyes almost blend in with her Iris’s betraying her Betazoid heritage. She keeps her hair down a braid either on the side of her face or down her back while working, although wisps of hair always seem to find their way out of the untidy braid. She is pale in skin color, as she never indulges in any outdoor activity and refuses to wear any form of makeup while on the job. Due to lack of makeup and her messy hair, she tends to look years younger than she actually is while on duty.
On the few occasions where she is off duty, she completely made up with long dark curls down her back. She tends to look closer to her actual age and has been told she looks completely different.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Eitum Macoy (Betazoid)
Mother Mara Macoy (El-Aurian)
Brother(s) Tervan Macoy (Eldest brother by 4 years)
Farnis Macoy (older brother by 2 years)
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Iris Macoy is an introverted person, who has found both her empathy and her nature to be regarded as a listener both a blessing and a curse. If it wasn’t for her mixed species, she most likely would never interact with those around her, due to her shyness. However, she finds large crowds noisy and nerve racking. She tends to prefer the solitude of a good book or the humm of an engine.

On duty, she’s good for thinking outside the box and if necessary creating solutions. She’s can be a bit sarcastic when under pressure and has a habit of making side comments under her breath. Otherwise, she reserves most of her thoughts to herself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
The three I’s - Intelligent, Innovative and Inventive.
Iris is a very detailed oriented person, who is highly organized and always keeping up on the most current technology. She is very methodical in her thinking and actions. As long as she is not angered she can thinks through everything.

Iris can tend to be a bit obsessive compulsive and does have issues when someone messed up her method of madness. She tries to be polite about it, but if under to much stress or pressure has been known to snap at the unsuspecting person.
If Iris is angered she will lash out, acting on impulse. After the fact she will over analyze what she said and look for a way to make it up to whoever she lashed out at.
OOC- Iris is not that angry of an individual. If you think the scenario would anger Iris, please run it by me first. Some things might bother Iris more than others.
Ambitions To be part of building a new class of starship of her own design.
Hobbies & Interests Her biggest interest is inventing or bettering her ship (yes, she thinks of the ship she’s working on as her ship, and like a mother is HIGHLY protective of it.) She sometimes spends her off time looking over schematic to make the ship more efficient and improved.
Due to her shyness, she has taught herself how to create various holo-programs. Most of her interaction there is set to Earth Regency Era romance or 21 century crime solving.
When not in a holodeck, she enjoy’s reading books, usually earth historical fiction.

Personal History Iris Macoy was born on Betazed as the youngest child of Eitum and Mara Macoy. While the family was on a family vacation on Risa, Betazed was captured and conquered by the Dominion causing the family to relocate to the planet Galor 3, where her mother was employed.
Living so close to the Daystrom Institute, helped Iris hone her natural talents in engineering and inventing. It did have it’s hardships however, for when she was 12 years old, she was pinned under a hydro-generator couplink and ended up crushing her pancreas and forcing her to an implant that had several months of tweaking and adjustments, before it could self replicate the insulin that she needed. During that time, she was benched from working on large pieces of equipment, something that always bothered Iris.

During this time, Iris met a human Engineer named Lisa Falloway, who introduced Iris to both historical earth fiction and holoprogram design. In that atmosphere, Iris was able to explore her creative side and because she was interacting with holograms, she wasn’t as shy. Lisa became like the older sister that Iris never had, and they continue to keep in touch to this day.
When she finally came of age, she applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy where she was accepted in the Components Engineering program, with a minor in holodeck programming.
She serviced on various ships earning up to the position of XO before her ship crashed and the implant suffered catastrophic failure. After she was injured, she was forced to return home to her parents for her repair operation and recovery. During the operation, they were able to get a modified and upgraded implant which is far more efficient than the original and much less likely to fail again.
As soon as she was recovered she eagerly returned to active duty. She requested that starfleet would allow her to go back to Engineering, due to the fact that she just hated the paperwork that came with being an XO. Now she can get back to her one true love, engineering.
Service Record USS Invicta -- Engineer
USS Athena -- Assistant Chief of Engineer
USS Alliance -- CEO - XO
USS Horatio Nelson -- CEO


Administration 20
Combat, Close 20
Combat, Ranged 20
Communications 20
Computers 40
Damage Control 20
Deflector Shields 20
Engineering 75
Helm 20
Language 20
Leadership 30
Medical 30
Medical,Psychology 25
Navigation 20
Operations 40
Physical Fitness 35
Science, Life 20
Science, Physical 20
Science, Planetary 20
Science, Social 20
Science, Space 20
Security 20
Shuttle Pilot 20
Starship Sensors 20
Starship Tactics 20
Starship Weapons 20
Survival 20
Trivia 20