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Ensign Galan Cha'Qellar

Name Galan Tehr Valdran Cha'Qellar

Position Chief Lab Tech

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan/Vulcan
Age 57

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 163
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description An average looking Romulan: aquiline facial features, piercing gaze, with a subtle intensity not unexpected. His build is slimmer than those of his species. The bones in his forehead are not nearly as pronounced as other Romulans. He exudes an aura of both serenity and stirring chaos; resulting in an intense presence. Not surprising for an apparent Romulan/Vulcan hybrid.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father See History
Mother See History
Brother(s) n/a
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview Galan is a reserved, yet brilliant Romulan whose demeanor shows his Vulcan nature. He betrays an intensity that permeates through all his emotions, though he does not express many. However, unlike average Romulans, he is not prone to outward aggression or being at the mercy of his emotions. A consistent aspect of his personality is a detached pensiveness; as if preoccupied or lost in thought.
Strengths & Weaknesses High-level intelligence; superior proficiency concerning scientific experimentation. A natural analyst, adept at assembling multiple sets of data and hypothesizing possibilities. This applies to both scientific and social matters. His knowledge of scientific matters concerning biology, evolution, sociology, anthropology, and genetics were unmatched in his class. He is competent in the languages of the major Starfleet member species, and because of his studies, can intuit the languages of other races hitherto unknown to him - thanks to studies of multiple species. So while even though he can't understand the words of new species, he can divine their intentions and desires on a base level. This makes him a worthy manipulator.

Despite Galan's adeptness at predicting behavior in sentient beings, he does not fully understand, or care, about social mores for any given species. He prefers to communicate in ways that best suit him, which often insult or confuse the recipients. When he is occupied by his work, whether in his lab or in his mind, interrupting him can cause him to be acidic and dismissive - at best, aloof. Because of this, there are few who seek his counsel or advice who have not adapted to his communication style. It is assumed by many that because of his abrasive and distant nature, his Starfleet assignments and advancement have suffered. While some may view his demeanor as reckless and rude, Galan earnestly has no desire to offend individuals equally as much as he desires to enrich their lives.
Ambitions The pursuit of knowledge, scientific experimentation, identity
Hobbies & Interests Experimentation and research; identifying and exploring anomalies. Philosophy, theology. Galan doesn't have many hobbies - though he does have a love for Classical and Romantic music from Earth's 18th and 19th centuries; he believes that music from this era established a symmetry and perfection not known elsewhere in the Universe.

Personal History Galan's history is murky: He was found on an uncatalogued, abandoned science vessel by Romulans on a scouting mission. The Romulans boarded after repeated unanswered hails, and scans that showed only one life scan (detecting Romulan DNA) - as well as minimal functioning power systems. There was a crew present in cryo-sleep tubes, but their power systems had failed, resulting in the crews' death.

The Databanks of the entire ship were erased and no record of its passage could be found, nor the true identities of the decaying crew in permanent sleep. The Warp Drive, Main Computer, Navigation, the majority of Engineering, and Helm were largely inoperative. The only power of the ship that existed was diverted to the Medical Bay, Laboratories, a crude Holodeck, and Life Support. Due to Galan's state, he was unable to give any information that would help illuminate.

Galan was close to feral and had to be re-instructed in the ways of communication, though his intelligence was evident immediately. The Captain of the vessel did take ownership of him, because he was Romulan, but he refused to give him his name. The Vulcan blood in Galan's veins was ill-welcome but, because of his Romulan blood, he decided that he should be educated and made as presentable as possible. His hope was to find out more of the mysterious ship and its dead inhabitants - and Galan's role.

Galan was educated quickly and his proficiency in science became evident, however he lacked the taste for war and battle. Nor was he able to give any information about the derelict ship upon which he was found. Galan was amnesic and could offer nothing to dissolve the mystery. This, combined with Galan's lack of battle desire, further offended his rescuer, who decided that he should enter Starfleet. He felt that Galan's admission would be a fitting addition to their feckless ranks; it pleased him to give the weakling to them.

Galan's temporary sire gave him passage, on his personal shuttle, to the nearest Federation Starbase and dropped him the same way a smuggler deposits his illicit cargo. His feet were barely upon the decks when his benefactor gave impetus and left the Starbase.

Galan was received and, despite his oddness, was prepared and accepted into Starfleet Academy, where he graduated with above-average scores - but not exemplary. He was assigned to Starbase 25 as a Lab Technician on the Starbase's Science crew for the purpose of cataloging the variety of alien species, as well as assisting in the analysis of any new viral and bacterial strains that may pose a biological threat to the Starbase's inhabitants.

Note: Romulan Service Databases show that Galan's benefactor, Captain S'Tev D'Amarok died shortly after arriving on Romulus. The only accounts of Galan's discovery exist in the Personal and Ship Logs of Captain S'Tev and the vessel he led.
Service Record Graduate, Starfleet Academy

- High Honors in Sciences (Biology, Evolutionary Biology,
Anthropology, Social Sciences, Genetics).
- Average Scores in non-Science curriculum, excepting Languages
- Kal-Toh Champion
- Tri-Dimensional Chess Champion
- Debate Champion


Administration 30
Combat, Close 20
Combat, Ranged 20
Communications 35
Computers 70
Diplomacy 55
Helm 10
Intelligence 80
Language 80
Medical 85
Medical,Psychology 80
Navigation 30
Physical Fitness 30
Science, Life 95
Science, Physical 90
Science, Planetary 85
Science, Social 90
Science, Space 80
Security 10
Shuttle Pilot 10
Starship Sensors 10
Subterfuge 70
Survival 95
Trivia 60