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Commander John Sunfeather

Name John Sunfeather

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Olek

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 185
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description American Indian from the Blackfeet Tribe in northern Montana.
Athletic build, good looking.
Body is covered in numerous scars, all of which could have been repaired with modern medical tech, but have been left as markings of manhood. Has tattoo of Feathers overlaid on the sun on his left Pectoral area of chest.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Eluwilussit
Brother(s) Chogan, 2 years older
Sister(s) Peta, 4 years older
Koko, 1 year younger
Other Family Uncle Mingan, Tribal Shaman

Personality & Traits

General Overview As a Shaman/Medicine Man of the Blackfeet tribe of American Indians, John has a strong connection to nature and the spirit world.

Strong willed, he tends to be calm and collected and very slow to anger. If pushed into a corner or given no options he will take whatever action is necessary to protect himself or any person that he feels he is responsible for, even if it requires taking the life of another.

John has no fear of death or his own mortality. Not that he seeks death, more that he knows the spirits of his ancestors will protect him and should death overtake him, it is just another stage in the cycle of life.

He has a very high threshold for pain and is able to survive and function in the most adverse of environments and situations.

John has a reserved sense of humor. He does not participate in frivolous pranks or in anything that would harm another either physically or emotionally. He can appreciate a good joke though and knows how to laugh and have fun.

His lifestyle is very simple and spartan, he has no need of excess or extravagance. Though he does supplement the replicated meals with herbs from the portable hydroponics garden he keeps in his rooms.

Strengths & Weaknesses Will tend towards defending those in need or not able to defend themselves, friends, strangers and enemies alike. Even if it puts him or his own life at risk.
Has no tolerance for bullies and will step up to them even if they are stronger.
Hobbies & Interests Expert in hand-to-hand knife combat
excellent stamina
Has an uncanny knowledge of Botany, Herbal remedies and medicinal uses of such.
Has a natural affinity towards animals.
MS in (xeno)Biology/Botany
PhD in Psychology
Outdoorsman, survival skills
Running, long, long distances...

Personal History Even with all of the advances in technology of the 24th Century, there were still some lodges of the Blackfeet Tribe that continued in the old ways, living off the land and practicing traditional values. John SunFeather was born into such a lodge. When the sun reached its zenith on the summer Solstice of the year 2352, John SunFeather was born into the Coyote River Lodge of the Piegan Blackfeet Tribe of northern Montana.

At the moment of his birth there was a screech of an eagle overhead and a single feather fell from the sky. When his father looked up, all he could see was the sun shining down upon them – John still wears this feather today.

As John was growing up, he spent almost all of his time living and hunting in the wilderness. He displayed an almost uncanny rapor with the local fauna and wildlife. When he would go hunting it was almost as if the animals were giving their lives to him voluntarily. John never hunted for sport. When he wasn’t on the hunt, he was able to approach the animals without scaring them off. And, had even on occasion, been seen by other members of his tribe running with the herds.

John also has an intuitive knowledge of flora and plants. His herbalism and botanical skills were second to none in the tribe. By the time he was 10 years old, he was apprenticing with the Lodge’s Shaman/Medicine Man.

During a vision quest in the summer of 2369, John was gone for almost 3 weeks, when he returned to the Lodge, he was not alone. He had returned with a spirit totem, a red tailed hawk. After his return to the Tribe, he spent 2 days with the Tribe’s Shaman in a sweat lodge. The next day John left for San Francisco to enter Star Fleet Academy. He was accepted into the Academy at the request of the Tribal Council.

John entered into Star Fleet Academy in sciences, majoring in Botany/Biology and Xeno Botany/Biology. He graduated with honors.

His first assignment was aboard Science Station Baker where he worked as a lab assistant and completed advanced studies in psychology and sociology; acquiring his PhD in Psychology by the end of the tour.

He was then transferred to a deep space science research vessel, the USS Stranton. His position was that of ships Yeoman and assistant to the ships Councilor.

When the position as ships Councilor opened on the USS Washington, John requested a transfer. He was promoted to Lieutenant a few months after joining the crew of the USS Washington John entered into an Operational Command training program.

During a diplomatic mission his entire team was taken into a place known as Nexus. While there he was given an opportunity to develop his shamanistic skills. When they returned from their ordeal there, Sun Feather had a much deeper sense of self and a greater appreciation for the world around him.

Lt Sun Feather had acquired something of an unwanted reputation after a joint Klingon/Federation Wargame. A Klingon warrior by the name of Kurok took offense at being bested by a scrawny human. After being taunted by his fellow warriors he decided to regain his honor and reputation by challenging John to a knife fight. The encounter was brief and brutal, in the end Kurok lay dead and Sun Feather had a Klingon blade protruding from his left fore-arm. Word of the conflict spread after he was confronted by one of Kurok’s brothers on SB12 who was seeking revenge for Kurok’s untimely death. Fortunately that encounter ended without bloodshed through the timely intervention of a number of other Star Fleet personnel.

John was transferred to SB12 to complete his Command training in preparation of being transferred to the Science Vessel USS Starmyst as Chief of Operations. When the Starmyst failed to arrive on schedule, and was later reported lost, Lt Sun Feather was given a field promotion to LtCmdr and assigned to the Horatio Nelson as its new XO.

Sun Feather initially refused the commission, declaring himself not qualified for the position. When Admiral Seldon ordered him to take the promotion and commission he conceded and accepted. Sun Feather eventually earned a promotion to Commander. Of particular note among his involvements on the HN is contact with the Olek, biogenic crystalline organisms native to Halcyon V; the Olek have the ability to "merge" with other life forms, allowing them to experience life through the senses of their hosts. After serving several months on the ship, he eventually was transferred elsewhere.

Soon after his departure, the Diplomatic Corps of the UFP encountered difficulties finding a volunteer to be a host for an Olek emissary so that relations between Halcyon V and the UFP could commence and progress to mutual benefit to both cultures.

Though they had gone through numerous volunteers, the Corp discovered that actual compatibility between the Olek and Humanoids allowing for the Olek to truly merge with its host was not common at all. Based on their findings and investigations there is less than 1 in 1000 humanoids that would be able to merge with an Olek and allow its consciousness to come to the fore. The Olek seemed to be more than capable of tapping into the mind and nervous system of the volunteers and to learn and record its experiences, but beyond that, actual communication between the host and the Olek was extremely limited. The initial contact, of course, was made between the UFP Ambassadors and Saurian Hosts. Unfortunately, the Saurians' demeanor and cognitive ability made them incapable of understanding or coping with the Outside Universe or anything beyond what they had experienced in their own world. It was determined that for there to be any significant advancement in relations the Olek would need a Humanoid Host.

Rather than continue to experiment with other volunteers or members of the Corps, the UFP put a request to Starfleet to have Cmdr. John Sun Feather TDY to them. He was chosen by Starfleet because of the report that came out of the initial contact with the Olek. It seemed that Sun Feather falls into that 1 in a 1000 people who are capable of interacting with the Olek and allowing for true communication. Once the problem was explained to John, he was asked to volunteer to be a host again for an Olek Ambassador to the UFP. Taking a few days to consider it, Sun Feather accepted his duty to Starfleet and the UFP and agreed to aid in the negotiations with the Olek of Halcyon V.

Fortunately, Olek-ssestinde was once again chosen to join with Sun Feather. After the procedure, John went out into the wilds of Halcyon V for a few weeks to reacquaint himself with Olek-ssestinde. After his walkabout he was accepted into the Olek/Saurian community and culture.
Having been merged for many years, Sun Feather and Olek-ssestinde have now accepted and bonded with each other at nearly all emotional and cognitive levels. To a point, the individuals are nearly indistinguishable and now act as a single entity. John is comfortable and capable of allowing Olek-ssestinde to come to the fore when he needs or wants to and Olek-ssestinde has come to understand and allow Sun Feather to do as he needs when it is in their mutual best interests.

After the Olek/UFP talks began, the Olek came to understand better that there was something Outside their own world. Having had the opportunity to share in the experiences from the years of the Olek-ssestinde/Sun Feather melding, the Olek have finally made application to join the UFP. Though that application is still pending, it was agreed that Sun Feather and Olek-ssestinde be made an official Ambassador of the UFP and allowed to be placed on a federation star ship to allow the Olek-ssestinde a better chance to gain first hand experiences of the Universe and other aspects of Federation life.
With apparent new threats from the Gamma Quadrant and the pending mission of the USS Horatio Nelson, the UFP and Starfleet made the decision to send an Ambassador along with the ship in the event that the issue can be resolved peacefully. Sun Feather/ssestinde being the closest to DS9 at the moment, he was assigned to the HN by the Diplomatic Corps to be the Federation representative on the mission.
Service Record Service Record
Star Fleet Academy
Science Station Baker, lab assistant
USS Stranton, Ships Yeoman/Asst Ships Councilor Promoted to Lt Jg
USS Washington, Ships Councilor Promoted to Lieutenant
USS Horatio Nelson, XO Promoted to Commander
TDY to UFP Diplomatic Corps as host for Ambassador Olek-ssestinde
Over the past 8 years he (they) have been transferring from ship to ship to allow the Olek Ambassador to experience a multitude of various aspects of the UFP.
USS Chuck Norris, assigned as Diplomatic Envoy, Commission reinstated as Commander Intelligence Officer


Administration 40
Combat, Close 60
Combat, Ranged 40
Computers 35
Damage Control 10
Diplomacy 50
Intelligence 40
Language 15
Leadership 40
Medical 10
Medical,Psychology 50
Physical Fitness 40
Science, Life 40
Science, Physical 10
Science, Planetary 10
Science, Social 20
Science, Space 10
Shuttle Pilot 20
Starship Sensors 10
Starship Tactics 40
Survival 20