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SRS Continued

Posted on Fri Jun 3rd, 2016 @ 11:02pm by Commander John Sunfeather

There has been some commentary about the fact that the total points for the basic skills by department are different amounts.

The base skills are based off of the education that you would receive from star fleet academy. What is on the individual base skill sets is pulled from the old FASA Star Trek game from the 80's.

Some of the variances are based off of the fact that different specialties will have different lengths of time in school etc.

Following is a guide to use when determining what a character can do or how skilled they are at doing it.

Skill Lvl Description
0 Unskilled/trained
10-20 Novice
30-40 Skilled
50-60 Professional
70-80 Expert
90-100 Master

Use this as a guide when writing to maintain consistency with your characters. You can also review other characters skill sets so that you don't write in a security officer being a master starship pilot, or a diplomatic officer who is a master in klingon fighting styles.


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