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Response To Questions

Posted on Thu Mar 23rd, 2017 @ 3:26am by Lieutenant Commander Morningstar Brooks MD

I'll answer the questions that were asked.

How long has the ship been simming?-The North Star has been simming about four years, three in Quicksilver Fleet before the decision was made to close the fleet. Then we joined Bravo where we have been for the past year.

How many active simmers?-There is a crew of 9 with about six of us who are very active. Real life does at times interfere, the XO is real life Navy so at times he'll be gone. for short periods of time.

Is it typical that no one post for another character on your ship?-Yes None of us have ever posted for another's character, unless we ask them first. I say join us, get to know who we post our characters and if you feel you can do them justice send the simmer a PM requesting permission to write for their character.

Hope this helps and answers any questions.


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