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Ship Compliment

Posted on Mon May 23rd, 2016 @ 1:50pm by Commander John Sunfeather

Good day to you all.

Just a note about the ship and its crew.

According to the information that I have been able to gleen from various sources online regarding the Royal Sovereign class ship the "official" crew compliment of this class of ship is in the mid 800's with a compliment of marines.

That may seem like alot of people to crew the ship considering that the Enterprise had 4oo+, but if you consider the size of the ship, suddenly it is a very small crew for the space available.

The ship is over 600m long, 200m wide and 100m tall. Total deck space is 2-3 square kilometers... Thats 40-60 football fields of space.

Now consider the USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier of the USN. 330m long, 76m wide, and maybe 50m tall? and a crew of over 5000 plus hanger space for dozens of planes.

All things considered advanced technology would take care of alot of the maintenance and repair needs through robotics, nano technology and automated systems. However there is still need for the human condition to intervene and deal with issues that are unique and outside the experience of the comptuer systems.

So if the federation only wants to send out 800 people into space, why a send a city block sized building?

With all that being said, we have arbitrarily assigned a crew of 3000 to the ship. This number may change later as we evaluate the effect it is having on the game and what makes sense for the "reality" aspect.

We would like to hear your opinion on the subject.

Also, for the Marines on board, I have detailed a reinforced Marine Company in the Wiki. I'm thinking it might be fun to have everyone create a second character who is a member of a Marine Squad for those times when we send in the heavy hitters to deal with an issue...

Commander Sunfeather
USS Horatio Nelson


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by Lieutenant Caleb Tanner on Mon May 23rd, 2016 @ 10:36pm

It sounds like it will work to me. Besides, if I understand what we plan for our first mission after we get introductions done, we should also be carrying (at the very least if not more) a skeleton crew for Starbase 25 once we take it back. We would need the people to crew, secure it and keep it secured. Considering that, having 3000 on the ship to transfer some over to the base should be reasonable, with the thought others will be on the way.